Risks faced by mother and child in case of sudden interruption of breastfeeding

If breastfeeding is interrupted suddenly, a complex of separation, loss appears and this can accompany the person throughout life. In the case of the mother, the feeling of guilt is harmful. She feels how the child suffers and understands that it is a traumatizing process. The state of guild expands and shapes a neurotic behavior, said psychologist Daniela Sircu-Ursu.

Contacted by IPN for details, Daniela Sircu-Ursu
said that when the child abruptly remains without breast milk, he is scared he will lose his mother and in the future will permanently live with the fear of losing the dear person. The child can be possessive and becomes neurotic when it goes to what is near to him. It is a form of behavior that can do harm to the person and to those around.

When a mother decides to stop breastfeeding, she should also take into account her needs, not only the needs of the child. It is recommend suspending breastfeeding in stages, by removing by a meal that is less important during the day and in a week another meal. The child is traumatized not by the absence of milk, but rather by the lack of contact with the mother.

To avoid tense situations in the couple, the partners should be always near each other, form a team and be attentive to the needs of each other. “For example, the father should not leave home in the period and be replaced by the grandmother. They should keep the same habits and life should remain the same. The father should be more attentive and offer more support to the mother as she is going through a traumatizing period,” urged Daniela Sircu-Ursu, who is also a specialist in logopedics.

The psychologist noted it is important for the mother to take the decision to stop breastfeeding herself, without being forced by someone. However, it is not beneficial to a child to be breastfeed after two years and half. This is not the specific age as sucking is useless already. Breastfeeding after two years and a half leads to pronunciation and articulation disorders. One year is insufficient, while over two years and a half is too much.

A woman who feels well and feels her needs can listen to her intuition and acts as she should. A woman who is concerned, anxious, frustrated and influenced by the opinions of those around cannot feel the voice of intuition and allows to be persuaded to stop breastfeeding when the child is one year and then feels guilty during many years, said Daniela Sircu-Ursu.

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