“Right to Justice”: seeks punishment of ‘authors’ of Zabolotnyi case

The human rights organization “Right to Justice” considers all “the accomplices of Plahotniuc” who fabricated the political case against the Zabolotnyi Group should be held accountable.

In a news conference at IPN, Pavel Grigorciuc, who heads the organization “Right to Justice”, presented a video that, according to him, shows that a so-called witness in the case is wanted by Interpol for double murder in the Czech Republic and for other offenses in Poland. This served as agent in the Adamovici group. This person is one of those who staged the so-called murder attempt on Vladimir Plahotniuc, but who later became witnesses in this case.

Pavel Grigorciuc noted the video recording was made at the end of 2019, when Vladimir Plahotniuc wasn’t in the country already. The person from the video addresses this even if he does not mention the name, but this is clear. The man says the former leader of PDM owes to him as he took part in the fabrication of the case against Valeriu Zabolotnyi’s group.

The man from the video also says that he was used by prosecutors and police officers. He noted that Valeriu Zabolotnyi is innocent and that the case against him was fabricated with the involvement of the ex-deputy head of the General Police Inspectorate Gheorghe Cavcaliuc.

Vladimir Maiduc, police colonel on reserve, said that he left the Ministry of the Interior because he didn’t agree with what was going on, including with the actions of Gheorghe Cavcaliuc. He counted about 60 people who suffered because of different combinations of Gheorghe Cavcaliuc. There are many fabricated cases in which people were jailed unjustifiably, while those to blame continue to work in the law enforcement agencies. He would like to present the information he possesses to an assigned prosecutor so that Gheorghe Cavcaliuc and his accomplices are held accountable.

The colonel called on Minister of the Interior Ana Revenco to launch an internal inquiry into the conferring on Gheorghe Cavcaliuc of the rank of colonel as he believes that a person during ten years cannot rise from lieutenant to colonel.

The members of the organization expect the law enforcement agencies, the prosecutor’s office and the Superior Council of Magistracy to put questions to the prosecutors who fabricated the criminal case against Valeriu Zabolotnyi’s group.

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