Results of next parliamentary elections are very unpredictable, opinions

It is very hard to anticipate the results of the next parliamentary elections. However, a number of scenarios are possible if one political force or another one wins the elections. Some analysts consider the next majority will be created by the model of the current majority, while others believe the elections will be rerun, IPN reports.

Journalist Valery Demidetskii said all the dangers that can affect the election outcome, such as the protests, can appear when the election results are made known. “I think the Democrats want a coalition where they will not depend on anyone. We should wait to see the election results and who will form coalitions and will then see who hold negotiations with the leader of the PDM Vladimir Plahotniuc,” the journalist stated in the program “Friday with Anatolie Golea” on RTR Moldova channel.

Political commentator Alexandr Petkov said it is at least strange for someone to expect a party to be excluded from the electoral race. “Five years ago, this was perceived as something impossible. Now this is an ordinary thing that is discussed in the city, in studios, in the offices of political parties,” stated the commentator, noting it is very hard to forecast the election outcome.

Alexandr Petkov said he does not see coalitions being formed in the future Parliament and considers the elections will be rerun. “As to the power, Mister Plahotniuc does not intended to concede this, especially to a coalition,” he stated.

Vlad Kulminski, executive director of the Institute for Strategic Initiatives, said that if the Party of Socialists is excluded from the election campaign, all the political parties should boycott the elections in solidarity, not out of love for the Socialists. “If we start to play by the rules of the Jungle, the next who will come will play the same way,” he stated.

According to Vlad Kulminski, the Democratic Party’s scenario after the elections is very simple and looks like that applied in 2016, when 19 MPs formed a majority. “Such a scenario is possible now – 25-30 seats will be gained and the rest will form a row to join the democratic values,” he noted, adding if the Socialist take over, there can be many scenarios.

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