Response of Moldovan wine producers to “wine war” was anemic and unserious

The response of the Moldovan wine producers to the actions of the Russian Federation regarding the bans imposed on Moldovan wine production was anemic and unserious, the experts of the Institute for Development and Social Initiative IDIS “Viitorul” say. According to their opinion, published in the “Economic Monitor”: analysis and trimester forecasts”, launched this week in Chisinau, the heads of the wine enterprises were excessively sure about the capacities of the Moldovan authorities to prevent this economic war imposed by Russia. In this way, the big majority of the local companies proved that they are totally unprepared to face this situation. The experts of IDIS “Viitorul” state that although the “wine war” was predictable due to the restricting actions of Russia in 2005, Moldovan authorities did not undertake almost anything in order to diminish their impact, and the panic of the government and of the wine producing companies diminished their ability to make strategically reasonable decisions. Some chaotic and desperate actions regarding the promotion and commercialization of wines on other markets have been undertaken. Romania, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and other countries have been stormed with offers and “wine festivals”, actions which did not bring any tangible results. Thus, the febrile movements of the government were aimed at creating the illusion that it is working on solving the crisis. On the other hand, the quoted sources state that the negotiations with Russia could be successful only if Moldova gave up to the political issues which determined Moscow to launch this war. The crisis can be solved if Moldova would give up to the request regarding the evacuation of Russian troops from Transnistria, the new customs regime in this region, as well to the aspirations of European integration. On the other hand the experts state that Moldova missed “the train that could have transported” Moldovan wines in Europe. If Chisinau would have proved its firm attachment to European democratic values and its political option, Moldova would be more actively supported by the European community regarding the diversification of markets. According to the experts, in this hard situation wine producers have two options: either to learn to sell production, which could last for years, either to give these competences to companies specialized in competitive exports. At the same time, in the absence of wine promoting experience, creating specialized agencies (the virtual producers) which would urgently introduce and promote the brands of Moldovan wines, on the behalf of the producesr, is required. There are two possible scenarios for Moldova: either some enterprises producing wine create an aforementioned agency, which will be financed in common, either to call for foreign help. In both cases, the role of the virtual producer will be to create the brand, to promote it and develop the distribution channels for local wines.

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