Replacement of Government can take place only by extended coalition, Igor Dodon

President Igor Dodon said he sees no formula for replacing the Government if only by an extended coalition with the participation of the Party of Socialists, the Democratic Party, the Party of Action and Solitary and the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform”. He noted the discussions in such a composition would center on the holding of snap parliamentary elections next March and on the ensuing of fair presidential and parliamentary elections, IPN reports.

He noted that there is currently a 50+1 parliamentary majority and there are a number of opposition parties that are trying to form a coalition. Everyone realizes that this Parliament does not correspond to the results of last February’s elections and should be thus dissolved. “But the Constitutional Court said it clearly that this is not possible this year, only after the presidential elections. Consequently, the current Parliament will sit at least for six-seven-eight more months,” Igor Dodon stated in the program “President Responds”.

To dissolve Parliament in the current conditions, the Government should resign or should be dismissed by 51 votes. The opposition hoped that after they blocked Parliament for several times, Mister Chicu would tender his resignation. “I said it clearly that Mister Chicu will resign only when we decide, together, that we should dissolve Parliament,” stated Igor Dodon.

Until then the Government should work efficiently and not as an interim one. “In autumn, after the presidential elections, we will decide when this will happen. But I repeat: the Government can leave on its own initiative only if the process for holding snap parliamentary elections is launched. Even after the Chicu Government leaves, Mister Chicu will serve as Prime Minister on an interim basis, until a new Government is appointed, which is after the snap elections of next February-March.”

Igor Dodon admits that a motion of no confidence can be proposed and he heard that those from the PAS are ready to sign it. He noted he is eager to see Maia Sandu’s signature alongside the signatures of Candu and Shor.

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