Renato Usatyi: Ștefan Gațcan was beaten and taken out of Moldova

The attack on MP Ștefan Gațcan is an attack on a pillar of democracy. Moreover, those who are involved in the case of MP Gațcan in a democratic state should be jailed, historian and political commentator Anatol Țăranu was quoted by IPN as saying in the talk show “Secrets of the Power” on Jurnal TV channel.

“I can say that one thing is for sure - if the law starts to work in the Republic of Moldova at a certain moment, these people who made Gațcan do what he did, at least one of them, will go to join for how they treated Gațcan, a Member of Parliament, and I don’t speak about his moral qualities of MP, but about the status of Member of Moldova’s Parliament. What they did is very serious. They attacked one of the pillars of democracy in this state. Any independent justice system will interpret things like this,” stated Anatol Țăranu.

According to the analyst, following the actions taken in the case of Gațcan, some of the political officials secured beds in particular institutions of the Republic of Moldova.

The mayor of Bălț town Renato Usatîyi, who heads the Our Party, said Ștefan Gațcan was taken out of Moldova by the State Guard and Protection Service and the Security and Intelligence Service in the evening of July 1.

“Since morning, Gațcan has been intimidated and even beaten. Dodon today took the decision to urgently evacuate Gațcan from the Republic of Moldova and I can say with certitude that Gațcan is not in the Republic of Moldova. He is 142 km from the border with the Republic of Moldova (9pm on 1.07.2020). Dodon evacuated him so that he is unavailable to the media and also to the law enforcement agencies,” stated Renato Usatyi.

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