Renato Usatyi: “Maia Sandu will make a fatal mistake – will nominate candidate”

The president of Our Party Renato Usatyi is sure that President Maia Sandu will nominate a candidate for Prime Minister this week. According to the mayor of Bălți, the candidate proposed by Maia Sandu and her governmental team will be voted in by the Socialist MPs and the MPs of the Shor Party by the second attempt, IPN reports.

“She will make a fatal mistake in the nearest future. Of all the scenarios that were discussed with them, they will support the nomination of a person for the post of Prime Minister, with a program, with principles and values. This is the trap,” Renato Usatyi stated in the program “Fourth Power” on N4 TV channel.

According to him, the tacit PSRM-Shor coalition will vote in the Cabinet proposed by Maia Sandu so as to put off the snap parliamentary elections and, until the next elections, will do their utmost to damage the image of the President.

“The Government will be voted in not by the first attempt, but by the second attempt as the Socialists and those from “For Moldova” set the goal of having snap parliamentary elections not earlier than October 2021. These two parties now decide the fate of the Government, either it will be or will not be,” opined Renato Usatyi.

He added that Maia Sandu should propose him as a candidate for Prime Minister as the Socialists will not vote for him.

“I do not aspire to be Prime Minister. I just want to be a candidate whom the Socialists and the Shor Party will be afraid to vote. I should be proposed twice so that I’m not accepted and we have snap elections. Later we can speak about a Government for a four-year period,” said the politician.

President Maia Sandu earlier announced that this week she will come up with a solution to the political stalemate witnessed in Moldova after the resignation of the Chicu Government. Meanwhile, she is waiting for Parliament to adopt the statement on the necessity of inducing snap parliamentary elections that was proposed by the PAS.

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