Renato Usatyi: I will stage Great National Assembly 2, but will not associate myself with criminals and fugitives

The resignation of the administration of the National Agency for Energy Regulation (NAER), the purchase of amounts of gas at the market price and the reduction in gas charges for household users are among the demands addressed by the leader of Our Party Renato Usatyi to the government. If these demands are not satisfied, the politician will call on the people to take to the streets. He said that all the healthy parties that are not managed by criminals or fugitives will be welcomed at the antigovernment protests he plans to stage, IPN reports.

The chairman of Our Party noted that the reduction in the gas charge to 18.45 lei with VAT included, as Moldovagaz requested, is insufficient. Given the current purchase price of gas, the charge for household users should not exceed 9 lei per cubic meter of gas. If the charge does not match the gas prices on international markets, his party will urge the people to take to the streets.

“I call on the citizens to demand that the Commission for Exceptional Situations should review its decision by which the business entities and private individuals are banned from switching over to a private firm before paying the financial deviations. This decision should be annulled. We demand not to mix up the expensive gas with cheap gas as this means erasing the traces. The expensive gas should be stored and an investigation should be conducted meanwhile. The NAER’s managers in general should resign as they kept silent during this period. That’s why I call on the people to protest. We will stage the Great National Assembly 2. The citizens will decide how many they should come – 10,000, 50,000 or 100,000,” Renato Usatyi stated in the program “Résumé” on RliveTV channel.

The leader of Our Party noted that in the protests, he will ally himself not with discredited parties, but only with healthy political forces of Moldova.

“For me, it is important not to go alongside persons like Shor and Cavcaliuc. I will not associate myself with criminals and fugitives, with all kinds of rascals who should have been jailed long ago. It will be a citizens’ protest. If other healthy, normal forces come to discuss, I will not oppose. Anyone from other parties who wants can go before the citizens and talk to them. I do not try to monopolize the process so that there is only Our Party,” said Renato Usatyi.

Currently, the gas charge for household users is 29.27 lei per cubic meter of gas.

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