Renato Usatyi announces formation of electoral bloc for snap elections

The leader of Our Party Renato Usatyi said that his party will form an electoral bloc with the Party “Patria” (“Homeland”) for the snap parliamentary elections set for July 11. The bloc will bear his name and such a decision was taken in a move to avoid misleading the voters and dispersing the voters given the intentions to form parties and blocs with names similar to those of existing political organizations, IPN reports.

In a news conference given at the Central Election Commission, Renato Usatyi said the documents for registering the electoral bloc were submitted. In the parliamentary elections of 2014, they also ran together with “Patria”, but they were removed from the electoral race. The ECHR later ruled that the exclusion was illegal.

“You should know that a number of spoiler blocs are to be registered in this campaign so as to mislead the citizens. Dodon prepared the registration of blocs and parties of the right and the left. So as to avoid any provocations of the kind, we and our mates decided to run together under the electoral bloc “Renato Usatyi”. We had also presidential elections and I’m sure that no one can mix up my name with several similar parties,” stated the politician.

According to him, the campaign prior to the snap elections will be very dirty and difficult. The places in the so-called patriotic bloc, the bloc of Socialists and Communists were already distributed. As a result of negotiations initiated by Dodon, Vlad Filat left the PLDM so that this party could form an electoral bloc with the PPPDA. “By the way, Dodon gets ready to register a bloc with the name of PAS or Maia Sandu. I understood that they already found another Maia Sandu in a settlement,” said Renato Usatyi, noting there are risks that some of the older persons will be unable to differentiate between similar parties.

According to the Public Services Agency, in Moldova there are 68 political parties, with the last party being registered in the middle of April.

President Maia Sandu signed a decree to dissolve Parliament and to call snap parliamentary elections for July 11 after the Constitutional Court ruled that the decision by which the MPs declared a state of emergency was unconstitutional. Earlier, the Court held that there are circumstances that justify the dissolution of the legislature.

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