Renato Usatîi: Some PDM MPs were allegedly offered 350 thousand euros to leave the party

The Political Party "Partidul Nostru" chairman, Renato Usatîi, mayor of the city of Bălți, said that some members of the Democratic Party were allegedly offered 350 thousand euros in order to leave the party. This would have been done by one of the current MPs from the PDM group. The politician did not clearly say where the money came from, however, he did allude that former Democratic leader Vladimir Plahotniuc might be involved in the affair.

Renato Usatîi said that MP Eugen Nichiforciuc was still in touch with former Democratic leader Vladimir Plahotniuc. Allegedly, the MP was the initiator of the idea of dividing the PDM group in Parliament. According to the politician, 16 Democratic MPs were ready to leave the PDM ranks in order to vote for the dismissal of the government led by Maia Sandu during last week's vote. "Eugen Nichiforciuc was the man who offered his colleagues 350 thousand euros to leave the party ranks. The necessary preparations took place over the course of last month. Democratic MP Constantin Botnari got also involved, returning from London to Moldova two weeks ago for this particular matter. However, Nichiforciuc failed to persuade some people", said Renato Usatîi on TV8 show "Politica Nataliei Morari".

Moreover, the politician thinks that president Igor Dodon has a shadow candidate for the position of General Prosecutor and that the pick is one of the four persons who won the contest organized by the pre-selection committee of the Ministry of Justice. Renato Usatîi disagrees that the president's pick for the General Prosecutor's Office would be Alexandr Stoianoglo, as it is rumored in the public sphere, whose name was intentionally slipped into the conversation by the president. "Soltan (editor's note: Veaceslav Soltan, one of the candidates picked by the pre-selection committee) mixed up the terminology, which are mistakes that not even a common prosecutor from a district prosecutor's office is allowed to make. (...) Soltan was once employed by a person by the name of Balaban. Soltan has been Balaban's man all his life. Balaban is the Socialist Lebedinschi's father-in-law", said the PPPN leader.

In his opinion, Igor Dodon would have promised the Democrats that the General Prosecutor will be Alexandr Stoianoglo, however, he would personally prefer Veaceslav Soltan to take office. "Igor Dodon likes yes-men. Soltan is the most obedient of the four candidates and is the only one who could be absolutely obedient", said the politician.

In other news, Renato Usatîi is of the opinion that Igor Dodon will have to show some results of the General Prosecutor's activity to the public, thus he will prosecute those who are not under his control. "We are talking about PDM. He will lock up the members of the Democratic Party who are not under his control. If he appoints Soltan as General Prosecutor, the Democratic Party will be divided in two", Usatîi said.

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