Renato Usatîi calls for protests before appointment of new government

The leader of the Political Party "Partidul Nostru" (PPPN), Renato Usatîi, mayor of the city of Bălți, urged the citizens to come out to protest before the appointment of the new government lead by the candidate put forward by President Igor Dodon. The politician urged people to come before the Parliament building when the legislative session will be held in order to invest the new executive.

Renato Usatîi said that he will come to the center of Chișinău together with eight city mayors and he urged civil society to join the protests. "If we admit this new "wedding" on the Moldovan political arena, I assure you that the Republic of Moldova, in a very short time, will once again have all the problems it had during Plahotniuc's time", said Renato Usatîi at the Jurnal TV show "Secretele puterii".

Additionally, Renato Usatîi said that it was expected that the current Government in office would fall, because "Igor Dodon could not get to presidential elections with the government of Maia Sandu", because this was inconvenient for the head of state. "Today we witness the marriage of those who have problems or may have problems with justice", said the politician.

In his opinion, Dodon no longer wants direct presidential elections because he would never win them again. "He will not change the law. The Constitutional Court will annul its own March 2016 decision on the grounds that it was illegal, which means that automatically the election of the head of state will be held by Parliament. Today, when Plahotniuc is gone and Dodon has a group of MPs under him, this scenario suits him", said Renato Usatîi.

Moreover, Renato Usatîi said that president Igor Dodon does not support snap parliamentary elections because new elections might leave him without potential partners. The Democratic Party would most likely get a very low score and their votes would not be decisive, while Maia Sandu's group would not consider forming a coalition with the president.

The PPPN leader said that he has not made a decision whether to run for president in the next election cycle and that his run depends on the voters. "You can only run for president of the country if you have massive popular support", the politician said.

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