Relationship with Romania is not conditional on good or bad relations with Russia, ambassador

Moldova’s relationship with Romania is not conditional on good or bad relations with Russia; it depends on the way in which we look at the future and regard the values that unite us, said Moldova’s Ambassador in Bucharest Victor Chirilă. According to the diplomat, Romania is the state that will help Moldova and will stand by it in any situation, unconditionally. “In the course of last year, we saw how important Romania is for us. And not only last year, but also during the pandemic, Romania stood by us even if the political context didn’t favor this at all and wasn’t at the best level and it offered us all the assistance for coping with the pandemic,” the diplomat stated in the talk show “Reflection Points” on  Vocea Basarabiei channel.

Victor Chirilă said the relationship with Romania sees ups.  “There are ups when we are on the same wavelength, there is a syntony of visions and it is not conditional on our good or bad relations with the Russian Federation. It is conditional on the way in which we look at our future and assess the values that unite us as. What we saw last year was that we speak on the same tone and with the same accents and we do not use half measures,” stated the ambassador.

According to him, Moldova’s file is known very well and meticulously in Bucharest today. Everything becomes known in real time. Therefore, Romania’s reaction and response to the Republic of Moldova’s needs in the course of last year, especially the last few months, when the energy crisis was pressing, were very prompt. The political dialogue favors also other dimensions. “It always happened like this and last year this was the key to all the accomplishments at ministries, agencies and even at personal level. This higher-level political dialogue created the framework needed to move on at multiple levels,” stated the ambassador.

As to the Transnistrian file, Victor Chirilă said that almost 300,000 citizens of the Republic of Moldova live in the region and the obligations towards them are the same as towards the citizens who are on the right side of the Nistru. Security, wellbeing conditions should be ensured no matter on what bank of the Nistru the citizens are. The security on the right bank depends also on the economic and political stability on the left side of the Nistru.

“We also heard particular initiatives coming from officials, consultants from the Transnistrian region because we want this problem to be solved by peaceful, political ways, by dialogue and negotiations as last year we managed very well, through diplomacy and the political administration of the country, to maintain peace and security in the Republic of Moldova for all the citizens, including for the refugees who remain in or cross the Republic of Moldova and for those economies ties between Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and Romania or Ukraine and the European Union that became stronger and pass to our territory,” noted Victor Chirilă.

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