Relationship between IMF and Moldova are very dynamic – Thomas Richardson

The relationship between the IMF and the Republic of Moldova is extremely dynamic, and it has changed much in the years since Moldova joined the Fund in 1992, Thomas Richardson pointed during his speech delivered before Parliament on Thursday, March 1. According to him, there have been ups and downs in this relationship. There have been periods when program conditions were met with ease and the IMF was able to complete reviews very smoothly. But there have been other times when the relationship was strained. Happily, this is one of the good times, as relations between the IMF and Moldova are proceeding very smoothly at present, Richardson stated. Referring about the further relationship between the two parties, the IMF official, expressed his hope that economic growth in Moldova will continue to be robust, and that Moldova will soon be doing well enough to cease needing to borrow from the IMF at all. Within his speech, Richardson presented the role of the IMF in the world and in Moldova. Also he mentioned about deepening the dialogue with parliamentary factions and deputies, asking them to take the time to share with the IMF views on economic developments in Moldova when the IMF Missions periodically visit Chisinau. When Richardson started his speech, he was interrupted by several MPs, who expressed their discontent about the fact that the speech was delivered in Russian. Vitalia Pavlicenco together with other MPs asked him to present the speech in Romanian or English. Speaker of the Parliament Marian Lupu asked them either to leave the sitting hall or continue listening. They left the hall in protest. Richardson said he “can not speak in Moldovan”, but he knows Russian because he worked for a period in the Russian Federation. Moldova joined the IMF in 1992. IMF offered financial support worth USD 360 mln since then, sum equal to almost one half of Moldova’s budget for 2007.
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