Relations with Romania should be intensified, Andrei Năstase

The relations with Romania should be intensified, considers the leader of the PPPDA Andrei Năstase. In a video interview for IPN News Agency, Năstase said the Republic of Moldova has a strategic partnership with Romania and this should be developed.

“No one can be closer to us than Romania, no matter who is in power in the Republic of Moldova. Romania had a correct attitude to the citizens of the Republic of Moldova and I’m sure it will further develop this attitude,” stated the politician.

Andrei Năstase also said that President Igor Dodon and those who are behind him have lately employed cunning stratagems and declared publicly that they are not against Europe, Romania and the West. In reality, it was the opposite and they undermined and will continue to undermine the process of coming closer to Romania, the West, the European values and principles, ensuring of the rule of law at home, building of a functional economy in the interests of everyone, not only of particular clans.

According to the PPPDA leader, we must be very attentive and not allow Russia to become involved in the elections in Moldova. “They should give us the freedom to make the choice based on our own beliefs, values and principles or we will be unable to speak about democracy and the rule of law,” stated the politician.

As regards Moldova’s relationship with Ukraine, Andrei Năstase said the Ukrainians have always had a friendly attitude to the Moldovans and this is absolutely normal in the case of responsible and well-intentioned neighbors. But those who are now in power in time belittled the interests of Ukraine by their statements and their pro-Russian attitude.

The politician noted it is now very important for Moldova’s relations with Ukraine to develop and attention should be paid to Ukraine’s intention to build those several hydropower plants on the Nistru, which would endanger Moldova’s interests, if things are not treated responsibly and carefully.

The video interview with Andrei Năstase forms part of the series “Crossroads of years through the angle of the ideal of living well at home” that will involve President Igor Dodon and Prime Minister Ion Chicu and the leaders of the main parliamentary parties Pavel Filip and Maia Sandu.

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