Record electric power consumption in 2005

Electric power consumption, in 2005 increased with 10.4%, representing a record increase in last five years. In 2001-2004, the annual value of this indicator varied between 2.4 and 5.8%, the interim report of the National Agency for Energy Regulations (ANRE) on developments on energy market in 2005 showed. According to operative data presented by the agency, in 2005 the volume of consummated electric power was 2 billion 686.7 million kWh, or 252.8 million kWh more than in 2004. The increase of electric power consummation was noted in all areas supplied by delivery enterprises. Thus, those three supply enterprises of Union Fenosa Croup in Moldova – RE Chisinau, RED Centru and RED Sud – increased electric power supplies with 7.8%, RED Nord – Vest – with 11.3%, and RED Nord – with 6.3%. The specialists of the agency explain the increase of electric power consummation by the dynamic increase of the offer on this market, especially of the enterprises of the real economy, on one hand, and, on the other hand, by the reduction of the level of technological consummation and commercial losses of electric power in delivery networks. This indicator decreased with 3%, from 25.2 % in 2004 to 22.2 % in 2005. RED Nord –14.42%, registered the lowest rate of technological consummation and commercial losses. The significant reduction of this indicator had got RED Nord –Vest – with 5.4%, from 25.4 to 19.95%, but this figure gets over with 4% the allowed level according to current norm. The supply enterprises of the Union Fenosa Group in Moldova reduced the mentioned rate with 2%, to 21.4%, but it overpasses the level admitted by ANRE with 7.06%. The same data show that the supra-normative losses level is still high – 5.6% of the power purchased by REDs at delimitation points with transport networks. According to report, in 2005, the electric power stations supplied about1 billion kWh of electric power, or with 20.4% more than in 2004, when the supplies of the internal energy production were 830,7 million kWh. All the stations have increased the electric power supplies volume. The greatest quantities of energy were supplied by CET–2 and CET-1 of Chisinau: 724,7 million kWh and 128,9 million kWh. As a result of this increase, the rate of supplied energy by current enterprises on internal market increased from 25.5% in 2004 to 28.8% in 2005. Of the whole volume of consummated electric power in 2005 - 1 billion 567,5 million kWh (about 45.2%) were purchased of the Electric Power Station of Cuciurgan and 921,7 million kWh (about 26.0%) of imports from Ukraine.

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