Rally near National Opera House: Igor Dodon – President!

A demonstration in support of candidate for President Igor Dodon was held in front of the National Opera House on November 13. The event involved Socialist MPs, the mayor of Chisinau and the candidate himself. Igor Dodon called on the people to vote him this Sunday and to come to defend the victory the next day, if need be, IPN reports.

The candidate told the crowd that an important decision is to be taken in several days – what path the Republic of Moldova will follow and how. He called on the people to unite and prove that the homeland is Moldova and it should be protected.

Igor Dodon said that on November 15 the people must vote against this gang and he will not allow their homeland to be taken away from them. If need be on November 16, the people should take to the streets to defend their victory, not for Dodon, but for the homeland.

Attending the event, the mayor of Chisinau Ion Ceban said that to build something, one needs a team, determination, responsibility, political will and the candidate he supports has all these things. It is important that the President, the legislature, the executive and the local authorities work in unison.

Socialist MP Vlad Batrîncea said that today all the towns of the country, tens of thousands of people in all the towns of Moldova – MPs, councilors, mayors and other people -  went out to say that they want this victory, of the people, and that they want to build another country in which everyone will be equal.

Igor Dodon is running for a new term in office as an independent, but is supported by the Party of Socialists. As in the presidential elections of 2016, he will contend with PAS candidate Maia Sandu in the runoff as the two obtained the largest scores in the November 1 elections, but not enough to emerge victorious, which is over 50% of the vote.

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