"Quarantine fatigue" becomes pandemic. Op-Ed by Ala Tocarciuc

Our common enemy is the contagious and dangerous virus for life. Quarantine fatigue is just a fatigue. Although it becomes pandemic, it does not pose a danger to life if we support each other. "

Eight months ago, mankind simultaneously enters global quarantine for the first time in its history. In March, there were many people who were very resistant to the exceptional situation.

Epidemiologists told us that the pandemic would last two to three months, then summer would come, the virus would fail, we would live as before. People accepted and stayed in houses, some lost business, some lost loved ones, many impoverished. But after two months of isolation, everyone returned to social life, as if the pandemic had ended.

The media abounds with the success stories of countries that have managed to stop the first wave of the pandemic, keep infection transmission rates under control and remove restrictions. The euphoria of removing restrictions had become as contagious as the virus.

Scientists continued to insist on wearing masks, on massive testing, on isolating outbreaks. Doctors in the intensive care units continued to treat those with severe forms.

Politicians caught up in a wave of "false positivity" have gone on holiday. It's just the virus that didn't go anywhere. The virus continued to infect people, more and more.

It has since become clear that the pandemic will last several years and responsibility for the management of the pandemic has been transmitted from the central bodies to the local public administration bodies, including in Moldova.

In the autumn, however, it came with a large increase in the number of new infected cases in all countries in Europe. In some countries, growth is so high and rapid, that the number of sick people doubles every two weeks.

Governments, being responsible for the implementation of health policies and the functioning of health systems, have begun to sound the alarm and impose new restrictions. Restrictions began to be applied selectively, according to certain criteria, in certain administrative units. That generated massive protests.

Among the first European countries, where the possibility of reaching a national consensus was between the Central Government and the Local Governments in Germany. Debates between the authorities were supported by numerous protests by the public. The restrictions were applied selectively and so selectively were rejected by the population.

More recently, the phenomenon of opposition between central governments and local public administration bodies has spread rapidly in the UK, France, Italy. The refusals of local authorities to apply the restrictions for various reasons, supported by the protests of the population, contribute to the rapid spread of infection, the increase in the number of sick brings the collapse of the health system closer. Several international media have called this phenomenon "quarantine fatigue".

People are tired of quarantine. Politicians, however, are not tired of political games and continue to use the pandemic to achieve their political goals. The consequences of these facts will be dramatic for many people, who today form risk groups. The medical system will not be able in the long run to stand up to the large number of patients. Doctors are already overtired, physically exhausted, but also demoralized and demotivated.

My view is that this is not just quarantine fatigue in the case of protests in Europe. There is also a deep dissatisfaction with the inefficient management of the pandemic crisis, a protest against misinformation. It is also an anomie/disorganisation and a phenomenon of mass disorientation, which have broken out in several countries simultaneously. It's also a lesson for us now.

What do we do with this phenomenon?

In crisis situations it is recommended to take your own Ego to the lowest possible level, to communicate with all friends and enemies. And that's recommended to every man.

In crisis situations it is recommended to be flexible and learn to adapt to changes. Only then can we survive the challenges of the pandemic.

In situations where politicians demonstrate a lack of flexibility and involve the population in support of political games, we all move towards behavioural disorientation and worsening the pandemic situation.

We do not have much to do in this crisis situation. But we do.

One solution would be to test the entire population and stop the pandemic. But for that we need money and political will. We're missing both for now.

Another alternative would be to stop fighting each other, to comply with the simple rules of wearing the mask, keeping physical distance and washing our hands.

It is good to realize that this battle with the virus will not end in a month or two. We need to stand together for the entire population for at least a year in advance. All of us together are obliged to join forces and fight the virus.

Our common enemy is the contagious and dangerous virus for life. Quarantine fatigue is just a fatigue. Although it becomes pandemic, it does not pose a danger to life if we support each other.

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