Quality of life of people with disabilities depends on accessibility

A person with disabilities is first of all a person with abilities and the creation of a favorable environment for this to develop the personality is the guarantee of personal success and of the success of the community of which such persons form part. Alongside other series that look at 2018 in retrospect, IPN comes with a series of articles about people who live with a disability and about organizations that promote the rights of these people.

In 2018, about 30 persons with disabilities found a job through the supported employment program implemented by “MOTIVAȚIE” Association of Moldova. Employment is a priority for next year. In 2019, the organization aims to help another about 30 persons with disabilities to get a job. Training sessions on the supported employment program will be staged in the districts of Criuleni and Cahul. 

This year, “MOTIVAȚIE”, together with another two organizations, launched a guidebook on the adjustment of the workplace for persons with disabilities. “The given guidebook is intended first of all for employers so that they know how to adjust the workplace for persons with disabilities. The publication presents a series of examples of good practices and specifies the legislative standards in building so that the employer knows how to ensure accessibility and the legal provisions on the labor rights of persons with disabilities,” said the director of “MOTIVAȚIEI” Ludmila Iachim.

Limited accessibility remains a big problem faced by the persons with locomotor and other types of disabilities as this directly affects the quality of their life. “These people permanently depend on their mates and cannot travel independently to education institutions, such as the kindergarten, school, university, to the workplace or any other place that any person needs to reach. In this regard, there were evaluated and proposed recommendations for ensuring the accessibility of about 22 public institutions,” stated Ludmila Iachim.

To ensure the right to vote, “MOTIVAȚIE” Association, in cooperation with the Infonet Alliance and the Center “Speranța”, launched the Voter’s Guide in the “easy to read and understand” version, which is a novelty for the Republic of Moldova. “By this electoral education book, we aimed to help the persons with visual impartments and with psychosocial and intellectual disabilities to be more informed and to more actively take part in the new local elections of 2018,” noted the Association’s director.

Next year, “MOTIVAȚIE” intends to support 50 women with disabilities to become actively involved in the local elections. “By such active participation of women in elections, we aim to increase their level of representation in public posts, such as councilors and mayors, so that the persons with disabilities, as their mates, enjoy the opportunity of holding executive posts at the local level,” concluded Ludmila Iachim.
Ion Ciobanu, IPN

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