Public Debate: Priorities of the political class and Moldovan society in an electoral year. Opposition's View

Press Release
on the organization of the debate “Priorities of the political class and Moldovan society in an electoral year. Position of the opposition”, the 26th installment of the “Developing Political Culture through Public Debates” Series; Public debates series held by the news agency IPN in its conference room with the support of the German Foundation “Hanns Seidel”

Debate 26 has been the first to appear in a co-production by IPN and Radio Moldova, a public radio station which is part of the national broadcaster Teleradio-Moldova. The next debates under the project will follow the same format, based on an agreement between the parties. In our opinion, this new status will give the project a greater outreach, thanks to Radio Moldova's national coverage and live or recorded broadcasts from the debates, in parallel to our live-streaming broadcasts, as well as materials from the debates produced by other media organizations in the form of radio and TV reports, press articles and interviews. Otherwise, IPN remains entirely responsible for implementing all the activities under the project, including the preparatory stage and the moderation of the debates. Also, this co-production status does not involve any additional responsibilities or involvement on the part of the Hanns Seidel Foundation. At the same time, Radio Moldova's acceptance to take part in this co-production represents yet another demonstration of the worth that the project has gained since its launching. This is also a confirmation of IPN debates' role in advancing political culture within Moldovan society.

We felt it important to discuss in more detail on the subject announced in the title, partly because a significant part of the Moldovan political class have lately formulated their priorities for this year, which is crucial for several reasons, including because legislative elections are expected later this year. This is a political development which needs to be studied from the perspective of political culture, to help society better orient itself as to political processes, including with the help of the press and the community of pundits. The “Opposition's View” mention in the subject suggests a follow-up, which will dedicated to the government's position on the matter.

The participants in the debate stated that the priorities of the extraparliamentary parties for the next parliamentary elections are mainly similar to those of the ruling parties, however, in order to garner votes from the people and to come to power, they must be more sincere with the people.

Daniela Bodrug, the vice president of the People’s Movement “Antimafie”, said that in the civilized world the priorities of a party remain unchanged regardless of the period. Moldova faces a series of unsolved problems as, during 20 years, all the parties set out their priorities depending on conjuncture and circumstances, changing their priorities in line with the circumstances.

Mihai Magdei, member of the National Political Council of the Democratic Action Party (PAD), said the party’s priorities for the next elections are to join the EU, to improve the personnel policy based on professionalism, not on political affiliation, and to reanimate the companies processing food products.

Vice president of the Green Ecologist Party Andrei Dumbraveanu said the party is a fully-fledged member of the European Green Party. This means that politically the party is taking part in all the programs launched by the Europeans. That’s why the Green Ecologist Party sees Moldova’s future in the EU, while the priorities that will have to be accomplished are commitments concerning the environment and protection of the natural resources.

Member of the Permanent Bureau of the People’s Party of Moldova Mihail Camerzan said parties’ priorities derive from the people’s wishes, but they must be put into practice. “Now the parties must say why certain things were achieved, while others were not. Moldova has no chance to develop if everything remains unchanged after the elections. New forces and new views must appear after them. The extraparliamentary parties have no chance if they are unable to join their efforts,” he stated.

Valerii Gagauz, leader of the young wing of the Party of Socialists’ platform “Patria-Rodina”, said the Moldovan society is now dispersed as some of the parties want Moldova to join the EU, while others want it to join the Customs Union. Moldova needs to keep its integrity by federalization and must recognize the rights of all the national minorities.

Executive director of the Association for Participatory Democracy ADEPT Igor Botan, the project’s permanent expert, said that over the 20 years the parties came to power for political and administrative rent, while the extraparliamentary parties have now a great advantage as they can sincerely state their priorities for Moldova’s future.

Political analyst Nicolae Negru said that after 20 years of government, the situation is completely new as new political forces are able to enter Parliament, both from the right and left wings, as society is seriously fragmented and there are many undecided voters. Many parties in Europe came to power because the people were tired of the ruling parties and voted for new ones. “But the new parties must do something to achieve these results. The parties must have a charismatic leader who enjoys popularity and would be more sincere with the people,” stated the analyst.

The Agency published 5 news stories on the debate (see the English version of on 24.02.14, “Several extraparliamentary parties can enter Parliament if they achieve their priorities, debates” -; on 25.02.14, “To grow stronger, extraparliamentary parties should unite, opinions” -, “Extraparliamentary parties must be active not only in election campaigns, politicians” -; “For first time extraparliamentary parties have chance to enter Parliament, analyst” -, on 26.02.14 “Igor Botan: In autumn people will make strategic choice for Moldova’s future” -

Valeriu Vasilica, director of IPN


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