Psychologist’s advice for young people who go to lyceum and to university

The fear for the grade they will take in the exam, followed by the concern about the correct choice at the lyceum or the faculty are the worries of many young people who are completing the school year and are to start a new stage in life. In a live session staged by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research in cooperation with the UN Population Fund, psychologist Sergiu Toma formulated recommendations for the young people as to how to easier adjust to transitions, including when applying to lyceum or to the university, IPN reports.

“Our mind makes us to be alarmed at everything that’s new and unknown. One should put as many questions in one’s mind as possible so as to be prepared,” explained the psychologist. Sergiu Toma noted that when passing from one stage to another, the people have courage, but also fear of what is unknown and unclear. The students often think what the others will say. Some go to the lyceum or the university because the parents said so and the grade for them is not so important. The reaction of the dear ones, who have different expectations, is what counts for them. The parents should suggest an option as to the choice of the faculty, but should not impose their opinion.

Sergiu Toma said any unknown situation is an opportunity to discover something new. Being courageous does not necessarily mean lacking fear. In the transition period, the students should try and find out their fears and come into contact with them. “The fears are concerns, not objective things,” he stated.

To clarify their wishes and determine what they should take with them from the previous stage, the students were proposed the technique “Graduate’s Passport”. On four pages, the students indicate the name and surname, the stage where there are and an image on the first page, write things they achieved at the given stage on the second page, describe the persons around him on the third page and write the plans for the future on the fourth page. The given technique helps the graduates to use the past in planning the near future.

Twelfth grader Romana Vasilachi said she is concerned about how she will integrate into the new class when she is admitted to university. The psychologist noted that when she passes to a new stage, she should not look at this stage as at separation from the previous stage. The friendships should not be interrupted. “New friends can be made when one is fond of something and our passions should coincide with the passions of our friends,” stated Sergiu Toma.

The psychologist recommends the graduates to be confident in their own forces and be prepared at practical level and well-informed.

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