Psychologist recommends teachers and parents to plan tasks for start of school year

On September 1, the teachers, students and parents return to the school program. In this connection, psychologists formulate recommendations as to how the teachers can maintain the emotional balance and what the family can do to help the child to easier adjust to the somehow new conditions after a long vacation.

Contacted by IPN for a comment, psychologist Daniela Ursu said the teachers should be attentive to how they organize their time. “There should be designed a work program and notes should be made as there is a tendency to forget given that there are too many tasks and other responsibilities besides the professional ones. We arrange them as follows: What is important now? My state of health is important. What should I do then? I feel I’m tired. I take a break and take care of myself. Then I return to my activities, drawing up a plan. Planning helps us a lot here – on paper, in the notebook or on the phone,” explained the psychologist.

In this regard, Daniela Ursu makes reference to the Brian Tracy technique. “One should start from the biggest frog, with the frogs being associated with tasks. The recommended technique is to begin with the more difficult tasks that one does not want to do, but has to. By doing so and leaving the more pleasant tasks for later, we make sure that we are more efficient during the day,” stated the specialist.

She recommended the parents to perform more activities in the form of different games with children and to reserve relaxation moments with them, to plan the activities of children and compile a day regime and a healthy eating regime for them. “They should plan a period of the day for spending it together with the child. For example, during half an hour we choose what to do: hugging, reading a book, doing what the child wants and the telephone remains disconnected in the period. This helps the child gain emotional power. This is actually beneficial for the parent too. It is that half an hour during which you disconnect yourself from everything and spend time with the child,” noted Daniela Ursu.

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