PSRM will speculate politically on Dodon’s arrest on Sandu’s birthday, opinions

Igor Dodon’s arrest on President Maia Sandu’s birthday is a prosecutors’ mistake that will enable the Socialists to speculate politically on this, considers the president of the Party of Change Ștefan Gligor. According to him, the prosecutors should take into account the sociopolitical context when taking such decisions. For their part, representatives of PAS said the arrest of Igor Dodon wasn’t coordinated with the government and such an approach is inacceptable in a state with the rule of law, IPN reports.

Constitutional law expert Teodor Cârnaț said the search and arrest of ex-President Igor Dodon are perfectly legal actions, but they were taken with a great delay.

“The four counts were formulated late. For me, as a jurist, it is important to know why steps are taken in 2022. Why didn’t they investigate the famous “kulyok” case in 2019? In the Republic of Moldova, justice is done depending on the political context. The Constitution provides that the initial arrest cannot last longer than 72 hours. This means that any person suspected of committing an offense can be arrested. Igor Dodon’s arrest is in accordance with the constitutional norms,” Teodor Cârnaț stated in the program “Freedom with Dorin Galben” on TV8 channel.

The president of the Party of Change noted that Igor Dodon’s arrest will be used as an example of selective justice done on the instruction of the ruling party and the Party of Socialists will be able to gain political advantages on this.

“The Party of Socialists will heavily speculate on the fact that Dodon was arrested on Maia Sandu’s birthday. This is a regrettable blunder of the prosecutors. The prosecutors are not inhabitants of Mars. They should act based on the sociopolitical context. They should take care not to give pretexts and generate allusions that they are politically biased. The persons who worked in the prosecution service when Plahotniuc usurped power continue to work. In such a politicized context, we must be very attentive,” stated Ștefan Gligor.

Representatives of the Party of Action and Solidarity denied the accusations that the prosecutors act by order of the government, saying the principle of separation of powers in the state is observed.

“No one knows what actions will be taken by the investigation bodes and it is normal to be so. When the opposition says that this is intimidation of the opposition by the government, this is not true as all the actions are decided by the Prosecutor’s Office and are not coordinated with the Ministry of Justice or Parliament. We do not know what actions will be taken by prosecutors. These are not coordinated with us and it is normal to be so in a state with the rule of law,” said PAS MP Vasile Grădinaru.

On Tuesday, Ex-President Igor Dodon was arrested for 72 hours on charges of unjust enrichment, passive corruption, illegal financing of the party and treason committed since 2014 until present.

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