PSRM starts to collect signatures in favor of switching over to presidential republic

The Party of Socialists (PSRM) said its primary organizations on October 28 start to collect signatures in favor of changing the form of government in Moldova, from parliamentary republic to presidential republic. When the campaign is over, the party’s National Council will introduce the given objective in the Socialists’ electoral program for the 2018 parliamentary elections, IPN reports.

The Socialist leader Zinaida Grecheanyi told a news conference that the switchover to another form of government is the wish of the majority of Moldovans, who no longer trust the current government.  “A disaster has been witnessed in governance in Moldova during the past 7-8 years. All polls show 70% of the citizens want a presidential state and a powerful President,” she stated.

According to Zinaida Grecheanyi, the party’s activists intend to collect 2 million signatures. “When this goal is achieved, we will introduce this proposal in the electoral platform of our party, with which we will take part in the 2018 parliamentary elections,” she said.

Executive secretary of the Party of Socialists Vlad Batrancea noted that the current government does not represent the interests of the people given that a number of political parties were intentionally tore up after the elections of 2014 and a parliamentary majority that promotes the interests of one man was formed. “This majority tries to take a part of the powers from the President. Radically changing the system of government in this state is the only solution for dealing with state capture in the Republic of Moldova,” stated Vlad Batrancea.

MP Corneliu Furculita, deputy head of the Socialist parliamentary group, said the local offices of the PSRM will be daily open to people who will want to sign in favor of the presidential republic.

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