PSRM group proceeds to establish technocratic government

The Socialist Party announced that it will support President Igor Dodon's initiative to establish a minority government, consisting of professionals, apolitical and technocratic people, who would ensure the good development and progress of Moldova. In a statement, the PSRM said that it will not form coalitions or alliances with other parliamentary groups.

"Today, I discovered the unwillingness of the colleagues from the ACUM bloc to maintain the governing coalition. They categorically opposed the proposal to establish a new government, following the same principles, with the same vision of government, but with new people, elected via consensus. The insistence of the ACUM colleagues to establish a similar government to the one that was dismissed, with the same prime minister, is ridiculous, denotes political infantilism and a lack of constructive, conciliatory approach. You can't make the same mistakes twice. We cannot reset the government with exactly the same people who led to the dismissal of the previous one. It's non-sense", said the statement.

According to the PSRM, "the intransigence of the ACUM bloc during today's discussions, as well as the unwillingness to rebuild the coalition based on the same principles, but with new, responsible people, shows that this political crisis was provoked on purpose by the former prime minister Maia Sandu".

"De facto, ACUM members have fled from responsibility, they have fled from the problems that the country is facing and they went back on their political promises issued to the citizens. Today, it is obvious that governing the country is not on the ACUM bloc's agenda. The electoral struggle, the presidential race that will take place next year are on the bloc's agenda. The ACUM bloc is more interested in elections than in governing the country", the statement said.

The Socialists said that "snap parliamentary elections will descent the country into chaos and will be disastrous socially and economically destructive, especially on the eve of the cold season, when prompt and efficient legislative and executive decisions are required." Therefore, the PSRM announced that it will support President Igor Dodon's initiative to create a minority government. The next government must be "a government that will not run away from responsibility, will not seek to victimize itself and will not make unconstitutional decisions", the PSRM statement said.

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