PSRM asks President to designate candidate for PM until March 9

The president of the Party of Socialists Igor Dodon said the party is ready to have a  dialogue with the parliamentary parties and President Maia Sandu. The Socialists ask President Sandu to sign the decree to nominate the candidate for premiership who was proposed by the parliamentary majority until March 9. Otherwise, they will resort to determined actions to stop the political chaos, IPN reports.

In a news conference, Igor Dodon said that during the last few days they have discussed the eventual suspension of the President and the initiation by the PSRM of a referendum, but Maia Sandu’s post and her dismissal are the last things that bother the Socialists. “That’s why I tell you firmly – the Party of Socialists will not initiate a referendum on the dismissal of the President,” stated the politician. According to him, such an action would further deepen the political crisis, but this crisis can be overcome only by dialogue.

“In accordance with the decisions taken by the National Council of the Party of Socialists on February 27, the PSRM will continue the consultations with the parliamentary parties this week so as to identify the best methods for overcoming the crisis. We call on the parties to show maximum responsibility and political maturity. Even if we have different views and doctrines, the dialogue remains the only solution for bringing this crisis that is very dangerous for the country’s future to an end,” stated the leader of the PSRM.

According to Igor Dodon, the Socialists are ready to have a dialogue with the President too and they urge Maia Sandu to have a dialogue with the parties. “If the decree is not issued by March 9, the National Council of the PSRM will come together again to authorize the party’s executive to take another kind of actions so as to end the political chaos,” he stated.

Igor Dodon also said that the President cannot annul the role played by parties in a democracy. The Constitution clearly says that if nothing is done until March 23, stalemate will be experienced. “That’s why no institution of the state, including Parliament and the Government, will put into practice a dubious decree and will be able to organize elections based on such a decree as this would mean complicity in violating the Constitution and usurping the power in the state,” he noted.

On February 11, candidate for Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilița didn’t garner any vote in Parliament, the first attempt to invest the Government failing this way. In the same sitting, the PSRM announced the creation of a parliamentary majority, suggesting ex-minister of finance Mariana Durleșteanu for Prime Minister. Also then, President Maia Sandu repeatedly nominated Natalia Gavrilița as Prime Minister and this decree was later declared unconstitutional.

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