PSRM, PDM, PAS and PPPDA have differing opinions about transitional government

The MPs of the Party of Socialists, the Democratic Party, the Party of Action and Solidarity and the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” have differing views when it goes to the breaking of the current political stalemate. According to the PSRM, given the economic and pandemic crisis, a responsible and professional government with full powers should be voted in. The Democrats said they are for snap elections, but these should be reached in strict compliance with the Constitution and the recent Constitutional Court judgment, the PPPDA plead for a dialogue between the pro-European forces for overcoming the crisis, while the MPs of the Party of Action and Solidarity believe that even if it is a longer process, the replacement of the current legislative body will lead to the solving of the current crisis, IPN reports.

Even if they earlier said they want snap elections, now the Socialists assert such elections should not be called at any cost. Acceding to the Socialist MPs, the purpose of an anti-crisis Government will be to manage the economic and pandemic crisis and later to organize snap elections.

“We consider that given the current pandemic and economic crisis, drought and full chaos in all the state institutions, in a period with budget deficit and salary arrears, a political effort should be made to form an anti-crisis transitional government that would stabilize the situation,” Socialist MP Bogdan Țîrdea stated in the talk show “Good Evening” on Moldova 1 channel.

The PAS MPs are categorically in favor of snap elections as they consider the holding of free and fair elections will ensure the replacement of the political class in Moldova.

“The PAS believes the change should be brought to an end by dissolving the current Parliament so that we have a really representative legislative body after snap elections and then Parliament, the presidential administration and the Government start together to take the country out of misery and poverty,” said PAS MP Oazu Nantoi.

The MPs of the Democratic Party said the CC judgment is mandatory and the President should start consultations with the parliamentary groups in accordance with it.

“The snap elections should be held in strict compliance with the Constitution and not before clarifying who and how should prepare these elections,” said Democratic MP Monica Babuc.

The PPPDA said the crises experienced by Moldova can be overcome only if the pro-European parties have a dialogue and have coordinated positions so as to be able to impose themselves.

“By fielding the PPPDA’s candidate, we actually said: “Stop! Look where are we going!” We have people who read the law, who are experienced and who realize that if we continue to move in this direction, as the people who read the Constitution realize, we will have neither a functional government, nor snap elections. By proposing Andrei Năstase, we aimed to initiate discussions with the pro-European political parties so as to impose a consolidated position, no matter which this is, on the other side,” said PPPDA MP Dinu Plîngău.

President Maia Sandu announced that she does not intend to hold consultations with the parliamentary groups and will have discussions with representatives of civil society only so as to consider possibilities of overcoming the political crisis. She said she is waiting for March 23, when it will be three months of the resignation of the Chicu Government as the incapacity to vote in a government during three months could serve as a reason for dissolving Parliament.

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