PSRM and PDM backed government will be established by end of year, commentator

Most probably, after a month or before the new year, at most, a new PSRM and PDM backed government will be appointed. The position of prime minister, as it was already speculated, could be filled by a compromise candidate, the former minister of finance and current presidential adviser Ion Chicu. The opinion was expressed by Ion Tăbârță, political commentator.

Asked by IPN, Ion Tăbârță said that negotiations between parliamentary groups will follow, which, most likely, ACUM bloc MPs will not attend. Additionally, talks between the parliamentary groups and the head of state will be held. As a result, a nomination for the position of prime minister, supported by PSRM and PDM and an executive with socialist and democratic ministers, will be proposed. Another possible scenario could involve a minority government, supported by the PDM.

According to the political commentator, this is the return to the state of affairs from the end of May 2019, when such a government could have been appointed and when Ion Chicu was considered for the position of prime minister. At that time, the development partners opposed such a scenario. In opposition to this scenario especially was the Russian Federation, which understood that the presence of Vlad Plahotniuc would eclipse the socialists and Igor Dodon, who would assume a formal role. Currently, when Vlad Plahotniuc is out of the country, socialists's power seems to be real. However, Plahotniuc's influence cannot be completely ignored, who, while being abroad, still has certain levers of influence.

Ion Tăbârță added that what has happened in Parliament today has been established in advance, while the invoked arguments regarding the assumption of responsibility or the aspects of unconstitutionality are mere pretexts. The fact that President Igor Dodon issued harsh statements lately regarding the government corroborates that the dismissal of the government was prearranged. Besides putting pressure on the executive, this fact also indicates that, in the meantime, discussions were held with other actors, who were not part of the governing coalition.

In his opinion, the ACUM Bloc was used as a temporary tool to remove Vlad Plahotniuc. When the Socialists strengthened their positions, as did the president, talks have begun behind the scenes. It was clear that this coalition was atypical and everyone was wondering when would it break apart. The political commentator added that the coalition lasted longer due to the local general elections. If the government was dismissed before November 3, the Socialist mayoral hopeful Ion Ceban would not have won the election in Chișinău.

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