PSRM accuses Maia Sandu of refusing to assume responsibility for governance

The Party of Socialists (PSRM) has announced that it took notice of the statements made by the PAS leader Maia Sandu, President-elect of the Republic of Moldova, concerning the refusal to assume responsibility for the proper development of things in the country and declares that the snap parliamentary elections are absolutely necessary in Moldova, but only after the pandemic crisis is overcome, IPN reports.

“Even if she was elected based on electoral promises that are strictly within the Government’s remit, Maia Sandu announced she will not assume governance now even if she will enjoy the support of the Socialists in Parliament. This shows either that the promises made by Maia Sandu were intended to mislead the voters or she is afraid to assume governance in such a difficult period when the country is going through the second wave of the pandemic,” says a press release of the PSRM.

The Socialists noted that if Maia Sandu considers she can better manage this crisis, she is invited to become involved, but not by populist statements and justifications of her incapability, but by actions and by the immediate assumption of responsibility for the population’s health.

“We reiterate President Igor Dodon’s message addressed to President-elect Maia Sandu, which is supported by the Socialists – to immediately propose a Government that would manage the pandemic crisis better than it has been done until now, if she really can do this,” reads the press release.

The PSRM also noted that the current Government acts professionally and responsibly, does huge work to limit the consequences of the pandemic, managed to strictly keep the situation under control and has the duty to handle the crisis until there is no other governmental formula that would enjoy the Parliament’s support.

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