PSDM leaders state they could be arrested because of a penal case regarding events from 4 years ago

The leaders of the Social-Democrat Party of Moldova (PSDM) could be arrested on Wednesday, September 27, by the employees of the Center for Combating Economic Crime and Corruption (CCECC) on the grounds of a penal case related to events from 4 years ago and namely regarding the well-known Megadat.Com Company. The leaders of the party made this declaration at a press conference organized at the hour when they were waited at CCECC. The head of PSDM, Eduard Musuc declared, referring to reliable sources from CCECC, that the possible arrest is one of the actions of the scenario elaborated by the communist government, which aims at decapitating opposition. These actions are planned to be carried out, because of the close Congress of PSDM and local elections, and during the period when the Megadat case is examined at the European Court for Human Rights. The cited source said that searches at the headquarters of the party, homes of the leadership of PSDM and even the arrest of the family members is planned. According to Musuc, these actions are prepared for a long time through persecution, photo and video surveillance, attempts of installing listening devices in the headquarters of the party. The leader of PSDM considers that the government is prepared to feign anything for a political settling of accounts, as it already acted in the cases of the leaders of other political parties. “Despite the declarations regarding the modernization of Moldova, the government feels comfortable to apply authoritarian methods of governing in all areas of the social life, protecting corruption, bribery. It uses the law enforcement bodies as an instrument for political settling of accounts and controlled media - for manipulating public opinion”, Musuc added. The social-democrat leader considers that the government is about to feel a substantial crisis, focusing its efforts in cutting out the opinions related to the noxious influence of their policy instead of searching solutions for protecting the citizens of Moldova. During the press conference, nearby the location were it was organized about 100 supporters of PSDM gathered in order to accompany Eduard Musuc to CCECC and to support him during interrogations.
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