Provocations on May 9 are possible in connection with association with EU too, IPN thematic series

IPN Agency reacted to the concerns expressed by Moldovan society, which fears that the day of May 9 may be used by different circles of interest as a pretext for particular kinds of provocations and for causing destabilization in Moldova. The concerns seem sufficiently justified in the context of the profound regional crisis that affects Moldova too. The given mini-series will present the opinions of representatives of central and local public authorities, of political parties and analysts and the measures by which the possible provocations can be prevented or annihilated.

Given the developments in Ukraine and the expected signing of the Association Agreement between Moldova and the EU, the concerns that provocations may happen on May 9 are justified, considers political analyst Nicolae Negru, who stated for IPN that such provocations can come from the Russian Federation.

“Moscow showed its dissatisfaction with the prospect of Moldova associating itself with the EU, imposing a ban on Moldovan wine imports. We know what happens in the southern districts with the involvement of Moscow. It’s evident that Russia stirs things up there and wants to obtain results before the signing of the Association Agreement,” said Nicolae Negru.

The analyst stated that a relevant example is the visits by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who always comes to Moldova with warning statements, saying that the country will lose its railcars on the road to the EU and will become frozen in winter.

“The intentions of some of the political forces of Moldova to celebrate Europe Day on May 9, as the whole Europe does, surely bothers those who want the country to head for the East. Provocations related to this day are not excluded,” said Nicolae Negru.

According to him, developments similar to those in Odessa and in other regions of Ukraine can happen in Moldova too. “The authorities must maintain a certain balance. There are institutions that must take care of this balance and must not allow particular radical forces to show up. The state institutions must do their duty,” noted the analyst.

He also said that any person in Moldova is free to assert oneself, as Moldova is a democratic state, but certain behavioral rules must be respected and the state institutions must make sure that the rules are obeyed.

A number of events will be staged in Moldova on May 9. Some will mark Europe Day by them, while others - Victory Day.

Mariana Galben, IPN

IPN Note: IPN also invited to take part in this mini-series the Government of Moldova, the Chisinau City Hall, Mayor of Comrat municipality Nicolae Dudoglo, Mayor of Ungheni Alexandru Ambros, representatives of the Communist Party, the Democratic Party and the Socialist Party, political analysts Ion Tabarta and Lina Grau, and other public figures of Moldova.

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