Protesters demand to ban Igor Dodon and Vlad Plahotniuc from entering EU

The abrogation of the law on the change in the electoral system and return to the proportional representation system, de-monopolization of the media market, publication of the second report compiled by Kroll by holding accountable those who are to blame for the large-scale theft and restoration of the embezzled funds and imposition of individual penalties by the foreign partners on Vlad Plahotniuc and Igor Dodon as the main persons to blame for the democratic deviations in Moldova were among the demands specified in the resolution that was passed by the participants in the September 17 protest mounted by the Great National Assembly Council, IPN reports.

”Given that the Socialist and Democratic MPs didn’t take into account the recommendations of the Venice Commission and the European Union institutions and voted to introduce a mixed electoral system that powerfully affects the democratic process in the Republic of Moldova and given that the Plahotniuc-Dodon duo acts concertedly against the interests of the Republic of Moldova and its people, mimicking a geopolitical war between the two, simultaneously adopting by a common vote legal acts aimed at keeping the PDM and PSRM in power after the 2018elections despite the wish of the people, we demand that Parliament should immediately abrogate Law No. 154 of July 20, 2017 to replace the electoral system as nondemocratic and adopted in breach of the recommendations of the Venice Commission and should restore the proportional representation system and immediately adopt amendments to improve this system in accordance with the recommendations of the Constitutional Court and competent international organizations. We demand to de-monopolize the media market and the public company “Teleradio Moldova” and to offer airtime to the extraparliamentary opposition with real popular support at least once a week, during prime time, so that this could state its position on the sociopolitical situation in the country,” says the resolution.

The protesters also demanded to publish the second Kroll report and to annul the law that makes the repayment of the funds embezzled from people the people’s burden and hold accountable all those to blame for the theft committed in the banking system.

“We call on the international institutions to impose direct individual penalties on Vlad Plahotniuc and Igor Dodon and their circles, as the main persons to blame for the anti-democratic and anti-European deviations of the government and for the attempts to establish dictatorship, so as to ban these from entering the EU and to freeze all the funds and economic property that belong to them or are controlled by the two on the EU’s territory,” reads the document.

After adopting the resolution, the protesters marched to the building of the National Public Broadcaster “Teleradio-Moldova”, where they repeated their demands and chanted “Live broadcast” and “Opposition hour”.

The leader of the Party “Action and Solidarity” Maia Sandu said the PDM kills democracy daily and subdued all the state institutions. “The PDM, which calls itself pro-European, ignored all the recommendations and messages that came from Brussels and adopted the mixed system that would keep them in power for many years in the future. Igor Dodon openly promotes the interests of the Kremlin and plays all the games of Plahotniuc. This government does not represent us and we will not allow it to continue to steal the power,” said Maia Sandu, noting that she for several times asked the administration of “Teleradio-Moldova” to offer them airtime, but their request was every time ignored.

Ecaterina Stratan, director of the public TV channel Moldova 1 of “Teleradio-Moldova”, went out and denied these statements, saying that Maia Sandu was invited to take part in programs on the public TV channel for several times and the channel’s newscasts often refer to representatives of the Party “Platform Dignity and Truth” and the Party “Action and Solidarity”. She noted she will examine the requests made by the extraparliamentary opposition and its representatives will be invited depending on the broadcast schedule. The protesters expressed their disagreement by chanting and by labeling the administration of Moldova 1.

For his part, chairman of the Party “Platform Dignity and Truth” Andrei Nastase called on the people to combine forces against Vlad Plahotniuc and Igor Dodon. He said there are many people who are misinformed and who live in a captured and noxious audiovisual environment where lie rules and which is associated with the government. “We are the people of truth and want an improvement in this country. They transformed the country into an enclave of corruption and poverty,” he stated.

The crowd had waited for an answer as to the offering of an hour of airtime a week to the opposition for over three hours, but all in vain. As a result, the leaders of the opposition parties Maia Sandu and Andrei Nastase said they issue an ultimatum to the government and give it time until September 22. If nothing is done, they will mount a new protest in front of the building of the national broadcaster on September 24, at midday.

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