Protest mounted in front of Parliament Building “against dictatorship”

A protest was staged in front of the Parliament Building in Chisinau on October 10. The protesters chanted such slogans as: “Freedom to Stoianoglo!”, “Down with Maia Sandu!”, “Disown with the mafia!”,  “No to dictatorship!”, “Down with the regime!”, “We want justice!”, “Freedom to Stoianoglo and to Ruslan Popov!”, IPN reports.  

Vlad Batrîncea, MP of the Bloc of Communists and Socialists, said the people protested against fabricated cases, shows with persons in balaclavas, televised justice, violation of the right to defense, corrupt prosecutors and judges who continue to fulfill political orders.

The MP noted that suspended Prosecutor General Alexandr Stoianoglo was unable to communicate with lawyers. “Stoianoglo, during two years in office, didn’t start a political case and didn’t outlaw any political party. “He had the courage to say that he will not obey the political class. The judge who is examining the case of Stoianoglo handles also the case of Andrei Năstase and some of the judges and prosecutors fulfill political orders. We risk returning again to state capture,” said the MP, noting some of the people could not come to the protest as they were intimidated.

Journalist Valeriu Reniță said a regime that jails an innocent person is unfair. The regime of Maia Sandu turned out to be an anti-people regime.

Journalist Gabriel Călin noted that a cult of personality was established in the Republic of Moldova. “We came to remove a regime that pretended to be soft, but is actually very harsh. Stoianoglo was arrested illegally because they could not control him,” stated the journalist.

Victor Petrov, a member of the People’s Assembly of Gagauzia, said that a similar protest was mounted in Comrat on October 10.

Attending the protest in the capital city, Ion Diacov, ex-prosecutor of the municipality of Chisinau, said that Stoianoglo’s arrest is the result of politicians’ games as Alexandr Stoianoglo was the best prosecutor during the past 30 years.

BCS MP Bogdan Tîrdea noted that the prices of bread and other foods products, of building materials and gas have increased. The new government intends to increase the retirement age so that many people will not even reach this age.

BCS MP Vladimir Voronin said the fight against corruption does not start at the Prosecutor General’s Office.  It is system work. The government aims to bring the prosecutor general under control.

Minister of Justice Sergiu Litvinenco reacted on social networking sites. “Evidently, everyone has the right to protest, even those who oppose the fight against corruption and want the current situation to be perpetuated. But most of the country’s citizens have a different opinion. They want the thieves to stay in jail, no matter what status those who rob have and how much money these have. Therefore, respecting the right of those few who want the thieves to be left alone or to be allowed to steal further, the fight against corruption should continue and will continue, ” he posted.

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