Protest in Chisinau: “Leave Parliament!”, “Snap elections!”

A protest is taking place in front of the Parliament Building against the Socialist MPs’ proposal to transfer the Security and Intelligence Service from the President’s subordination under the Parliament’s management. The protesters seek snap legislative elections and chant “Down with the Mafia!”, “Leave Parliament”, “Snap Elections”, “Shor-Dodon to Garbage Bin”. As the number of participants is large, Ștefan cel Mare si Sfânt Blvd was inaccessible to traffic, IPN reports.

A number of MPs came out to talk to the protesters. President-elect Maia Sandu, who invited the people to the protest, thanked those who came to defend the democracy and their vote, the right to have a country free from corruption and poverty and in which justice is done.  Maia Sandu noted that the country is in a pandemic crisis, the people die in hospitals because there are not enough drugs, while the PSRM-Shor duo aims to diminish the President’s powers. They ignore the people’s vote. The President-elect urged the people to remain united and reiterated her commitment to work until she delivers all the promises made in the election campaign. For the purpose, the “thieves from Parliament” should be driven away. “Snap elections!” chanted Maia Sandu, noting the Cabinet should resign.

PPPDA MP Alexandru Slusari said that what happened in Parliament today is something terrible and they thus blocked the central rostrum. The fiscal policy was drafted by an “expired” Government, while the measures it stipulates are anti-social.

PAS MP Lilian Carp noted that Igor Dodon wants to transfer the only institution that is now under the President’s management and can reveal what’s going on at Moldasig under the Parliament’s management. “Plahotniuc is now Dodon and Dodon is Plahotniuc. Down with the Mafia!” he said, adding snap elections should be held.

Our Party member Ilian Cașu said Moldova is close to a revolution. “The bandits and thieves want to rob us further. But we, the citizens, no longer want to be robbed. Today it is not about the SIS, it is not simply about the SIS. Today it is about the people’s power! We are the  power,” stated the politician.

Veterans’ representatives said they will take the country back and called on everyone to unite around the President-elect as the power is greater where there are many.

The protest is monitored by the police.

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