Promo-LEX observers ascertain alarming number of electoral incidents

The observers of the Promo-LEX Association identified cases of use of administrative resources, involvement of religious denominations in the election campaign of a candidate, use of undeclared financial and in-kind resources and of violation of the restrictions imposed by the National Extraordinary Public Health Commission. The electoral incidents are mentioned in Report No. 7 of the Promo-LEX’s Observation Mission for the Presidential Election, IPN reports.

At least two events that involved a big number of participants, in violation of the restrictions established by the National Extraordinary Public Health Commission, were found to have been held during the observation period. One of them was a people’s march in Balti Municipality in which more than 200 people participated, and at least 20 car marches involving more than 450 cars. These events were organized, in both instances, to support Igor Dodon. Another people’s march is scheduled to take place in Chisinau on 13 November 2020 in support of the same candidate (was held, e.n.)

The observers identified at least 12 cases that can be regarded as use of administrative resources. Out of them, 11 cases featured Igor Dodon (IC), and one case – Maia Sandu (PAS).

Promo-LEX OM draws attention to a case that could be interpreted as use of undeclared financial and in-kind resources by candidate Igor Dodon. This is a case about the alleged printing of more issues of campaign newspapers of candidate Igor Dodon than stated in the printing data, as well as by another printing house than stated in the publication.

The observers also reported two instances of involving religious denominations in the election campaign of candidate Igor Dodon.

According to the reports presented to the CEC, candidates Maia Sandu (PAS) and Igor Dodon (IC) reported for 4-6 November 2020 revenues totaling MDL 956 816 (including donations in commodities, objects, works or services). Of these, MDL 556 367 (58%) were reported by Maia Sandu (PAS), and Igor Dodon (IC) reported MDL 400 450 (42%).

Promo-LEX OM found that expenses estimated at about MDL 500 853 incurred in the first week of election campaign for the second round of presidential elections (2-6 November) were not reported by the contenders in their reports on election campaign financing. Of that amount, Igor Dodon (IC) did not report MDL 394 422 (79%), while MDL 106 431 (21%) were not reported by Maia Sandu (PAS). Similarly to the previous reporting period, no election contender reported expenses for the rewards paid to electioneers or submitted their declarations on volunteer work.

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