Professionals’ Movement “Speranța” seeks annulment of registration of both candidates for President

The Professionals’ Movement “Speranța” will file an application to the Central Election Commission for this to annul the registration of both of the candidates for President, Maia Sandu and Igor Dodon, because it has evidence that not all the printed electoral materials were declared by the two.

In a news conference at IPN, the Movement’s head Andrei Donică said they found out that the electoral contenders didn’t declare costs that exceeded the ceiling of the Electoral Fund by not indicating the printing date and name of the publishing house. There were also committed other serious violations, including the infringement of the Electoral Code provision that bans the use of the image of foreign officials for election advertising purposes.

“Today it is the last day when something can be said and we aimed to say what we have to say as our Sociopolitical Movement is the only movement that, in accordance with the law, has the right to struggle against all the political parties. For us, they are all the same. Monitoring all the candidates and parties during the election campaign and seeing how they conducted the campaign, we reached a clear conclusion – that they are all the same,” he stated.

The head of the Professionals’ Movement “Speranța” noted there are hundreds of thousands of people who already do not believe in anyone, in any of the parties. He had a message for these people: “You don’t have what to lose. These elections will not solve anything as the promises made to you are not within the President’s remit.”

Andrei Donică said he can prove indeed that the two candidates are equal and none of them is better or worse. Igor Dodon distorts the number of copies of printed electoral materials, while Maia Sandu says nothing about the number of printed flyers and newspapers, the publishing house or the costs incurred. “For us, they are both bad as nothing has been done for this country during many years and they remember the pensioners and invalids only in an election campaign. Believe me, they will forget about them after the elections,” stated Donică, who also criticized the contenders for the way in which they conducted the campaign. 

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