Problem of animals without an owner in Chisinau has worsened, activist

The local authorities delay the solving of the problem of animals without an owner in the municipality of Chisinau. The situation worsens daily, said Irina Yakovenko, a former employee of the Animal Control and Protection Unit of the General Housing and Amenities Division. In a news conference hosted by IPN, the activist said the municipal necropolis where stray dogs caught in the city are held has no free places. Even if the authorities promised to found a municipal enterprise that would manage the problem, things remain stagnant.

Irina Yakovenko noted that 280 dogs are now held at the municipal necropolis and there are no places for more animals. Contrary to logic, nonaggressive dogs are also held there, while other less aggressive dogs remain on the streets of the city. An entity, such as a municipal enterprise, is now needed, which would include a shelter for stray dogs.

The former employee of the Animal Control and Protection Unit of the General Housing and Amenities Division believes that the municipal enterprise could have started work, but there is no real interest in founding this. The municipality so far didn’t provide suitable places for holding animals and human animal catching services that would not do any harm to the animals. During two years, the municipal necropolis hasn’t had a veterinarian even if it is normal for such an entity to have such a specialist.

Irina Yakovenko said the information about the municipal enterprise that is to be set up is kept secret. The number of animals that could be housed there is not known. It is not known where it will be based, who will manage it and when it will start work.

Yakovenko asked for a meeting with mayor general Ion Ceban so as to discuss the problem of stray dogs and consider solutions to it.

Sergei Luncari lives near the AOVA dog shelter that is managed by a public association. He said that two cases when animals attacked children have been reported so far this year. The people filed complaints to the City Hall, but their approaches were ignored. Persons living in the area asked the authorities to intervene.

Valentin Talmaci, head of the Râșcani Beekeepers Association, said the AOVA shelter opened in 2009 is situated close to their apiary. Even if the beekeepers complained about aggressive dogs entering their territory and the yards of apartment buildings situated nearby for multiple times, no measures have been taken.

Note: IPN News Agency gives the right of reply to persons who consider they were touched by the news items produced based on statements of the organizers of the given news conference, including by facilitating the organization of another news conference in similar conditions.

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