Pro-Moldovan Political Party NOI launched

The Political Party NOI, which positions itself as a new, center-left, pro-Moldovan party, was launched on July 11. The members of the party aim to become “an integrating factor” and therefore come with a special project for Moldova and with a new model of doing politics. They said they will switch over from the idea of hatred and division that are deep-rooted in Moldovan society to respect, regardless of the spoken language or ethnicity. The main objective of the party is to enter Parliament at the next legislative elections, IPN reports.

In a public event, the party’s president Vladimir Dachi said that during over 30 years spent among foreigners, the wish to offer his children a better life hasn’t gone away. “I want to put my heart and mind at the service of the country where I was born so as to unite and develop this nation,” he stated, noting the people now want the leaders to abandon the policy of party interests and to find solutions for the common good. At the same time, they insist on the fact that a people’s Government should be at the same level as the people and should support the interests of all the families in the country. NOI wants to renew Moldova by promoting the use of new technology so as to facilitate the Moldovans’ participation in governance and will shed light on governmental costs. “Socialist or democratic ideas cannot exists. There are only intelligent, correct and appropriate political decisions for Moldova. We will form a decent government for the Moldovan people.”

Aureliu Bodean, the party’s representative from Glodeni, said time has come for the Political Party NOI to bring the balance needed to ensure the people’s wellbeing. The party aims to consolidate and continue the territorial-administrative reform that will transform the public institutions into a model of transparence and responsibility of each person. Moldova needs actions to see its competitiveness grow and also investments in human capital.

Doctor Nicolae Șapcă, the party’s representative, noted that he hadn’t been in politics earlier, but accepted this challenge in order to reanimate Moldova’s health sector that can be compared with a patient in a very serious situation on the operating table and rehabilitation is possible only after saving, resuscitating this. The bureaucrats, managers and top-managers should not administer the healthcare system, but should serve it. They saw lack of progress and action aimed at saving the system during the pandemic.

Tamara Balan, a teacher of music, stated that the young people left the country because they could not find a job. They are now all over the world and make Moldova famous where they are. However, without culture, any nation is doomed to failure. The merger of the ministries of education, science and culture was an incorrect decision. The arrears are managed by incompetent people. The ministry in charge of these areas should be divided.

According to the Public Property Agency, the Political Party NOI led by Vladimir Dachi was registered on November 12, 1999.

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