Work group created to synchronise Moldovan, Ukrainian with European power system


The Union for the Coordination of Transmission of Electricity in Europe (UCTE) formed a work group in order to implement the project on integrating energy systems from Ukraine and Moldova into the European one. The purpose of the group is to work out a plan of actions for the integration of the 2 countries in the UCTE. The group will also implement actions for estimating the costs and the preparation terms of the two energy systems for the membership in the European organisation. According to the data provided by the Ukrainian operator of the energy transmission system Ukrenergo, the work group met representatives of system operators from Ukraine and Moldova (“Moldelectrica” SE), Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic and Austria. The group is headed by the representative of the system operator from Romania. There are three major energy unions in Europe at the moment, which are divided on geographic and technological criteria. Synchronised interconnected eastern zone unites energy systems of the CIS countries, except for Turkmenistan, the energy system of which functions in parallel with the Iranian one, and that of the Baltic Countries (Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia). Synchronised interconnected northern zone, NORDEL, meets power systems of the North European countries - including Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Synchronised interconnected western zone – UCTE, is the greatest organization of united power systems. It includes 2 zones. The first one includes energy systems of Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Poland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Germany, Portugal, Spain and France. The second zone is represented by Montenegro, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Serbia. The first zone of UCTE is also connected to the system of Great Britain, via networks passing under the English Channel. At present, energy systems of Ukraine and Moldova are integrated into the synchronised interconnected eastern zone, meeting CIS countries. In May 2006, though, Ukraine and Moldova submitted their requests for the synchronisation of their power systems with the European energy system (UCTE). Russia pleaded against this initiative. According to the experts in the domai, Moldovas accession to UCTE would strengthen its energy security, and Chisinau would be able to participate in the implementation of some transborder projects in the respective domain, financed by foreign investors.