We cannot yet speak about irreversibility of reforms, Iurie Leanca


We cannot speak about the irreversible character of the reforms as we didn’t yet reach the stage when they are so deep-rooted that they can bring about changes in society and can modify the mentality so that the people are immune to the political fluctuations, Prime Minister Iurile Leanca said in an interview for IPN.

“Even if we have many professional and correct judges in the legal system, justice remains the weak ring in the democratic construction of the state. During the last few years, we were witnesses to loud decisions that allowed taking a number of institutions under control by fraudulent ways. If these decisions had been implemented, they would have emptied the state’s treasury and would have threatened the national security,” said the head of Government.

He stated that not in vain, the Ministry of Justice and the Prosecutor General’s Office created a working group, with the assistance of European experts, which will soon propose a prosecution service reformation strategy, while the European Commission provides considerate support to Moldova in this field. 

“We can find recipes for transforming these institutions at the Baltic States, in Bulgaria or Romania, where, even if things are not ideal, we saw many accomplishments. The reform of our police is in full swing. It is a complex change: some of the new elements work, while others are waiting to be put into practice. There is no alternative and we must continue the changes started in the autumn of 2009,” added the official.

The Premier also referred to Moldova’s trump cards in the European integration process. He said that the trump cards reside in the fact that the country has prepared people, with dexterity, who are ready to devote themselves to these reformation processes. Furthermore, Moldova is supported by important European and international organizations.