Waste collected in Chisinau taken again to Tantareni


The municipal cleanup company “Autosalubritate” starting with July 6 will transport the waste collected in Chisinau to the waste dump in Tantareni village of Anenii Noi district. Head of the Public Relations Division of the Chisinau City Hall Vadim Branzaniuc has told IPN that such a decision was taken by the Tantareni local council on July 5. According to Vadim Branzaniuc, the local councilors accepted the municipality’s proposals and allowed storing waste at the dump in Tantareni, as it was done earlier.

In its July 4 meeting, the Chisinau Municipal Council decided to allocate 39 million lei for additionally laying out the waste dump in Tantareni, for carrying out works to develop the settlement and for paying compensations for the damage caused to the village.

On June 5, the waste collected in Chisinau could not be taken to the waste dump near Bubuieci after inhabitants of the commune blocked the access of garbage trucks to the local landfill during two days. The villagers since March had opposed the transportation of waste to the local dump.

Earlier, the waste was taken to the dump in Tantareni, but after villagers put up resistance there too, it was decided to temporarily transport the waste to the landfill located on Uzinelor St, not far from Bubuieci commune.