Volume of power consumption increases by 7-8% annually


The volume of power consumption in the last 5 years has increased by 7-8% annually, and the losses in the power distribution networks (RED) diminished from about 40-45% in 2000 to 13-17% in 2006, Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Vladimir Antosii stated Tuesday, January 9. According to the minister, Moldova has increased the power production capacities by 10-15% at the local Power Plants in 2000 and by 30-35% in 2006. PM Vasile Tarlev said that the Government intends to increase the power production capacities so that it would cover 90% of the necessities in 2007. The PM asked the creation of a special commission that would inventory all the RED and draw up a plan on the settlement of the situation. The PM solicited the specialised authorities to finish the consultations with experts of the European Union over the long-term Energy Strategy of Moldova and intensify the diplomatic actions in order to obtain the full membership in the Energy Community of South Eastern Europe.