Vlad Gribincea: What happens in politics has reflection in justice


What is happening in politics has a reflection in justice. Thus, when there is political pressure, there is an echo in justice, Vlad Gribincea, chairman of the Legal Resources Center of Moldova, stated in the program “Black Box” on TV8 channel, IPN reports.

According to him, when the judges see cases of disciplinary punishment for the expression of the opinion, they start to have fear. “Things in the system stand badly at present. If you speak to judges tete-a-tete, they will say it trenchantly that they trust no one, are on their own and nobody is ready to take the risk to struggle for a better system,” said Vlad Gribincea.

He noted that in 2017 the acquittal rate was at 1.7%. “You face a 98.3 probability of being convicted if you stand trial. This speaks about something and we should face the facts,” stated Vlad Gribincea.

Teodor Carnat, former judge of the Superior Council of Magistracy, said trust in the judicial system has decreased according to the Public Opinion Barometers. Also, international indicators show the independence of justice in the Republic of Moldova is very weak.

Speaking about the low acquittal rate, Teodor Carnat wondered why the lawyers do not hurry to notify the Disciplinary Board if they suspect that the judges pass conviction judgments too often. “The average number of applications to the Disciplinary Board is of around 2,500. The judicial system pronounces 30,000-40,000 sentences on average a year. In such a situation, the ratio is incommensurable,” he stated.