Virgiliu Pâslariuc: Prosecutor general used legislative shortcoming allowed out of very good intentions


Representatives of nongovernmental organizations expressed their opinions about the amendment of the law on the prosecution service in debates staged in Parliament. “The fact that not all the options were taken into account does not mean that we followed a formal path. This law is to be given a second reading,” PAS MP Virgiliu Pâslariuc stated in IPN’s public debate “Government’s actions in relation to regulatory and inspection institutions: between de-capture and democratic backsliding”.

The MP noted that the goal of the amendments to the law on the prosecution service is to make the prosecutor general more responsible. “All the prosecutors were assessed and only the prosecutor general is untouchable. Regrettably, we see that during two years the prosecutor general used this legislative shortcoming that was allowed out of very good intentions,” said Virgiliu Pâslariuc.

According to the MP, the parliamentary group of the Party of Action and Solidarity expects the opposition MPs will vote for the amendments to the Constitution. “We also intend to work together with civil society which is an important driving force. We will ensure the cleaning of institutions and building of the rule of law,” stated Virgiliu Pâslariuc.

He said that after July 11 (when PAS won the snap parliamentary elections – e.n.), things in the Republic of Moldova changed. “PAS managed to do something in the political life as it knew to listen to the people, the opposition and civil society,” said the MP, noting laws were adopted to reform the justice sector as society asked to make the institutions working in the field more responsible. “The pension law is the keystone of our electoral program, the commitment we undertook in elections. We gave a signal to society to show that we do not give up. The people need powerful institutions that would work in favor of the citizens. We will not do these reforms in a formalistic way.”

The public debate “Government’s actions in relation to regulatory and inspection institutions: between de-capture and democratic backsliding” is the 204th installment of the project “Developing Political Culture through Public Debates” that is supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation.