Victor Chironda about reasons for abuses and intimidation attempts against him


Deputy mayor of Chisinau Victor Chironda said the abuses of the last few days against him are an attempt to intimidate a person who tries to name things and to stop particular illegalities. In a news conference at IPN, the deputy mayor said this scandal around his leave is aimed at distracting public attention from the issuing of the authorization for demolishing the building of Naţional Hotel. “A serious thing was done. An authorization for demolishing a building was issued, but we don’t know what will be erected there, who will execute the works and what will happen to the transport in the area?” stated the deputy mayor.

Victor Chironda called on the Prosecutor General’s Office, the National Anticorruption Center, the President, the acting Prime Minister and the minister of economy to offer him support in stopping this illegality. “Icame to the Chisinau City Hall to change the procedures related to urban development, but, regrettably, it seems to me that I’m the only one who wants this at the City Hall now. That’s why I ask civil society, experts and other decision makers to help me in these approaches. I do not stick to the post of deputy mayor. I didn’t ask for this seat. I was invited and was told I will have instruments and power to change things. But later all these instruments were taken away from me and only one obligation remained: to sign their illegal permissive documents. I do not agree and will not do this and you can start even 20 internal inquiries,” stated Victor Chironda.

He noted that as the deputy mayor, he repeatedly informed the mayor general about the incorrect things he noticed. But no actions were taken. On the contrary, a kind of critical reaction followed. Before coming to the mayor’s office, he criticized the activity of the functionaries there, who contributed to the worsening of the situation in the city in time. He later became inconvenient and things worsened. He considers his leave application wasn’t signed intentionality so that he could be dismissed.

The deputy mayor’s lawyer Oxana Eşanu said that a commission of inquiry was constituted by order of the mayor on June 17 to investigate the absence from work of deputy mayor Victor Chironda on May 31. Her client received an informative note from the Human Resources Division whereby he was informed about that commission that was set up on June 17, while the ascertaining document actually dates from May 31. They asked the Prosecutor’s Office to investigate these actions, as the Division’s head received the medical leave certificate showing that the annual leave was to be transferred to another date.

“The application was transmitted with the date of May 31, when my client was on leave. The Division‘s head intentionally didn’t inform about the non-registration of the application. When he returned to work, he also wasn’t informed about the document dated May 31,” said the lawyer, noting these are serious illegalities and actions aimed at harassing and discriminating her client. The lawyer informed the Council for Prevention and Elimination of Discrimination and Ensuring of Equality about this case.