Vadim Ceban: Purchase price of gas in December is expected to be lower


The president of Moldovagaz does not rule out the possibility that preconditions for adjusting the natural gas rates down can appear this winter. Vadim Ceban noted that if the downward trend in the purchase price of gas continues the next months, the company will be able to cover the tariff deviations it accumulated in 2022. Gazprom in December could supply Moldova with the same volume of natural gas, which is 5.7 million m3 a day, IPN reports.

The chief of Moldovagaz said there are no preconditions for Gazprom to halt the natural gas supplies in December as the company paid the advance and for the consumed gas, as the contract provides.

“Nothing changed for December. The same amount of 5.7 million m3 of gas a day as in November will be supplied. On the date of 21, we paid the bill for October and the advance for November. We work to make all the payments for November so as to be ready for December. Given the purchase price of gas included in the rate and the forecasts for December, we should not meet with difficulties in paying the bill. Furthermore, the state will transfer the gas subsidies intended for consumers for November and this money helps us with the financial flow,” Vadim Ceban stated in the talk show “Shadow Cabinet” on JurnalTV channel.

The president of Moldovagaz said that even if the purchase price of gas has declined, the gas rate for consumers will remain high as the company accumulated debts that it needs to clear. If the gas rate remains high and the purchase price decreases, the debts for 2022 can be repaid in several months and the NAER can later review the rates down.

“We want the gas rates to be appropriate. We do not stick to the current rate. If there are reasons to adjust the price, the regulator NAER will take a decision. We will present all the calculations, taking into account the interests of the company and the population. We realize very well what a rate of 29 lei means. There is an important component that includes the tariff deviations accumulated this year. We need to cover them and the rates are high therefore. We see a downward trend in the purchase price in December. If this trend continues during the winter months, we can cover the deviations amassed in 2022,” noted Vadim Ceban.

The gas rate is now 29.27 lei per m3 with VAT included. For November 2022-March 2023, the Government announced a broad subsidization program to the value of 5 billion lei. Household users will get subsidies for gas, heat and electricity through bills, depending on the energy vulnerability category.