USAID offers grants totaling 25 million lei to promote tourism in Moldova


The USAID has launched the 25 million lei "Moldova Turistica" grants program, which aims to support the tourism industry in Moldova. A tourism promotion campaign titled “Be Our Guest” has been launched as well to assist the effort.

With “Be Our Guest”, the Ministry of Culture, with USAID support, aims to stimulate the demand for authentic tourist experiences, in particular by promoting regions as integrated tourist destinations.

“We believe that tourism is the most promising area, because it gives us the opportunity to offer unique things to the whole world. Authenticity and uniqueness are two essential components to win in a competition”, said Minister of Culture Sergiu Prodan.

Also, with the financial support of USAID, initiatives to renovate the hospitality infrastructure, develop tourist products and experiences, digitize and innovate tourism businesses will be supported. The grants program, worth a total 25 million lei, will run until October 23, 2023.

“This program focuses, in particular, on providing support to small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of tourism, but also to non-commercial organizations that have entrepreneurial activity related to inbound tourism. It is an inclusive program, which also provides support for the regions on the left side of the Nistru, and Gagauzia as well. Beneficiaries of these grants can be, in particular, those from rural areas, boarding houses, agro-boarding houses, peasant houses, wineries, artisan agri-food producers, craftsmen, providers of leisure services and tourist experiences”, said Diana Lazar, deputy director of the USAID Moldova Competitiveness Project.

The 25 million lei offered by USAID represent non-reimbursable financing. It is expected that 40 to 45 SMEs in the field of tourism will benefit from the funding. The duration of any grant awarded under the “Moldova Turistica” program shall not exceed 24 months.