U.S. to provide $85 million for battery storage system


Electricity storage batteries will be installed at the Braila power station, which will stabilize the system if needed. It is a new, large system for storing electricity in batteries and additional equipment. During his visit to Moldova, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced an investment of $85 million, IPN reports.

The U.S. Secretary of State visited, together with Prime Minister Dorin Recean, the power station in Braila. “We are launching a new project here with an investment of $85 million provided as support - as part of the support of the U.S. of $300 million pledged in the previous year. And this investment will support the energy security of Moldova when issues will re-emerge with the public grid and when issues will happen to the grid either because of the domestic systems or because of the bombings that to this day continue to affect the energy infrastructure of Ukraine, and Moldova is integrated with that grid,” said the head of the executive.

Antony Blinken noted that the U.S. is committed to respecting Moldova’s sovereignty and its successes as a prosperous and democratic state rooted in Europe and the West. “And a big part of making sure that that future happens is energy security and energy independence. We’ve seen through Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine its weaponization of energy - the threat that dependence on Russia for energy poses to national security and economic security. And so, an important part of the work that we’re doing with Moldova - as are many other countries, and notably Europe - is helping build greater energy independence and energy security,” said the U.S. official.

He noted that the work done here with this project is to help Moldova build up its infrastructure. “Particularly, as you’ve seen, these large-scale batteries to be able to store energy - that's going to make a huge difference in helping to deal with having a stable grid, to deal with fluctuations, to enhance the use of renewables, to better connect with the European grid, and to ultimately integrate the European energy markets. And the commitment that we’re making today to advance this project with up to $85 million, as you also heard from the AID director here, that will be a catalyst to more investment coming from the private sector, coming from other countries to fully build up this capacity,” said Antony Blinken.

There is also a project to strengthen the high-voltage capacity of Moldova’s transmission lines, particularly the connection between Moldova and Romania. “That will further strengthen Moldova’s connections to Europe and further integrate it into the European security grid. You couple that with the reforms that Moldova is engaged in that will attract even more private sector investment, also create good jobs, and you see this energy future for Moldova - one of security, one of independence,” stated the U.S. Secretary of State.