Upward trend of cases of COVID-19 persisted last week


The upward trend of infections with the novel coronavirus, which started a week before with over 2,000 new weekly cases, persisted in Moldova during July 27 – August 02, taking the total number of infections to over 25,000, shows a synthesis of the main developments related to COVID-19 produced by ADEPT Association, IPN reports.

On July 29, there was reported an anti-record for July: 426 new daily cases. The number of tests for COVID-19 rose by 16.5%, after 9,289 primary tests were done during the week, being the largest number of tests done since the outbreak of the pandemic. The intensification of testing was proportional to the number of identified cases. At the same time, the positive tests constituted 25.1%, being slightly under the indicator of the previous week.

The number of deaths rose to 56 a week.

As many as 32,900 persons entered Moldova and completed epidemiological tests last week. Seventeen of those who came tested positive for the novel coronavirus.