Ukraine’s victory in war will bring Transnistrian separatism to an end


Ukraine’s victory in the war will enable to settle the Transnistrian conflict, said historian Octavian Țîcu. According to him, after the Ukrainians liberate the territories occupied by Russia, Kyiv will no longer tolerate separatist enclaves close to its borders. For his part, expert of the Institute for Development and Social Initiatives “Viitorul” Igor Munteanu said Russia’s failure in Kharkov region showed how weak and unprepared the Russian army is and the victory in this war can belong only to the Ukrainians, IPN reports.

Expert Igor Munteanu said the results achieved by the Ukrainian army the last few days show the Russian troops are demoralized and the myth about the “great Russian army, second in the world” is totally destroyed.

“The Russian Federation lost this war from moral viewpoint on the very first day it started this fratricide war against the Ukrainians. All the plans were based on erroneous preconditions. I mean their illusions that they will be met with flowers and their hope that many persons will allow to be bought during the first days of the invasion. The Ukrainians had the courage to correctly draw up the defense strategy. President Zelensky for six times was offered to go abroad to form a Government in exile, but he rejected these offers and became a symbol of the fight against the invaders and exhibited a model of political maturity. The offensive of the last few days, which we welcome and want the Ukrainians to win a total victory, shows that the army of the Russian Federation is not as strong as we considered it. It is dysfunctional and corrupt. The Russian army will suffer a defeat, if not during the next few days, then in half a year or a year as Russia fights against a civilization model,” Igor Munteanu stated in the program “Shadow Cabinet” on JurnalTV channel.

Historian Octavian Țîcu said the cold period can slow down the victories scored by the Ukrainian army. A swift victory in the war by Ukraine will enable to definitively settle the Transnistrian conflict.

“On the one hand, Russia’s actions hide Putin’s fear. On the other hand, these hide Putin’s imperial ambitions. The developments in Ukraine are a matter of life and death for Putin. The future of the Republic of Moldova also depends on the end result of this war. If Ukraine manages to win this war, and I don’t doubt that this will happen but time is needed for this, the situation in Ukraine can be similar to that in Georgia and the Republic of Moldova. I mean frozen entities that will not allow Ukraine to become a member of the EU and NATO. A victory in this war, which can bring the Transnistrian separatism to an end by a military operation assumed by common accord, is the happy variant for us,” stated Octavian Țîcu.

During the last few days, the Ukrainian army managed to liberate a large part of the territories that were under Russian occupation. After the failure suffered in Kharkov region, Russia shelled a number of civilian infrastructure facilities, thermal power and power stations, leaving thousands of people without heat and electricity.