Two twin girls suffered serious injures after falling off the 3rd floor


Two twin girls aged 2 suffered severe injures after falling, this morning, off the the 3rd floor of an apartment block on Pushkin Street of the capital. According to the doctor-coordinator of the Emergency Service of the capital, Eufalia Negreata, their mother is blamable for this accident, because she didn’t keep an eye on them. The woman laid a wet mattress on the frame of an opened window. The little girls got on it fell off. One of the girls suffered open cranial-cerebral concussion, fracture of the cranium base, cerebral concussion, concussion of internal organs and thighbone fracture. The second has cranial-cerebral trauma, cerebral concussion. The doctors consider the children’s situation as extremely serious, being reserved in making any forecasts. At the moment, the girls are hospitalized in the therapy section of the hospital „Valentin Ignatenco”.